The Freelance Economy: There's a Better Way to Do This

If you are a full-time freelancer, the moment between “gigs” can be heart stopping. Not only wondering where the next paycheck may come from, but struggling to find a way to reach out to companies looking for longer term, higher paying commitments can be virtually impossible. Current online job platforms are failing to meet the specialized needs of full-time freelancers, and there are limited options for companies who are looking for top design and tech talent. Both companies and freelancers need a better way to grow their business.

We listened.

We built the platform you’ve been looking for.

Workdesq introduces full-time freelancers to the companies that hire them. Freelance users can seek introductions to future clients, and through the Workdesq site, can gain access to open opportunities with Company Clients who post on the platform. These companies are looking for longer term commitments (typically 3-6 month engagements), so they can leave the “gig” culture behind and focus on rewarding jobs with companies who value their time and work.

Workdesq introduces companies to full time freelancers, and gives them the opportunity to build their prospect bench for future project needs. Through the Workdesq platform, companies can rely on high quality introductions, as well as a secure way to communicate with prospects and peers.

 And coming soon…

Workdesq will give Coworking spaces and their tenants the tools to seek introductions to new and future clients, with access to the Workdesq platform as a benefit of tenant membership.

If you are a freelancer looking for high quality, long term opportunities, or a company looking for a secure avenue to search for and communicate with future prospects, get more information today!