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There are 53 million freelancers in the United States – that’s nearly 34% of the national workforce.  Many top companies are looking to connect with professional freelancers. That’s where WorkDesq comes in.  WorkDesq is a facilitator, not a recruiter.  We help companies find full-time freelancers, typically those seeking longer term engagements, not gigs! 

For professionals in Web Development, Software Development, Mobile Development, Project Management, Product Design, & UI/UX Design.


For Freelancers

WorkDesq helps you build your practice!

  • Tell us what you do and how you like to work.
  • Complete a pre-qualification call.
  • We introduce awesome companies (who are interested in you!)
  •  You take it from there!

*Includes access to a private community forum.  

WorkDesq helps you build your team!

  • Submit the jobs you wish to fulfill.
  • We introduce up to 3 pre-vetted freelancers (yes, we pre-qualify them!)
  • You take it from there!

*Call support is available

For Companies


For Co-Working Operators

Coming Soon!

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The problem:

  • Existing freelance sites are failing to serve the sheer volume of freelancers and companies who want them.

  • Underbidding, no sales support, and a lack of repeat business prospects are pervasive.

  • Existing tools don’t pre-qualify freelancers, making it difficult for companies to locate talent.

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Our solution:

WorkDesq is building technology and tools to support the fastest growing workforce in the world!

  • Workdesq is for the professional who relies on freelancing as their primary source of income and companies who seek high-quality, pre-qualified talent.

  • No commissions, no head hunter fees, & no bidding! 

  • Each piece of data we gather is geared towards making a professional introduction, not just fulfilling a job post.

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